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Little Moon Music   From Bath Tub to The Blues

aura Lamun,
owner, founder & formulator
of Little Moon Essentials ~

is actually a longtime professional singer, with a successful career onstage as a lead blues, jazz and contemportary music vocalist. In the studio, she is a coveted and contributing recording artist, LIVE for many years, she has performed with innumerable and diverse bands, singing blues to classic rock, R & B, jazz and theatrical concerts for money, ever since she was 11 years-old.


AND NOW - her favorite project, near and dear, because it was co-created with her great love, and spectacular partner, Dave Allen (THE multi-instrumentalist wizard and awesome songwriter/mixer/engineer/collaborator).....


the Latest and Greatest Incarnation of their Blues Bands Ever - the ALLEN-LAMUN BAND!! Buy the new CD now! CLICK HERE

Absolutely right now, the new record has been released, and the music is being heard! Get yours today. Support us and come see us play live!


During the daytime hours, she dreamed of finding a small, simple cottage industry to start in her home. After years of studying plants and essential oils, and a destined move out of the big city to Colorado, she found the opportunity to slow down, become inspired, and make something new for life. The magic started to really flow in a place called Steamboat Springs, far from any budding metropolis, and most singing opportunities.

Yet singing is her soul food.  So Laura continues to perform. She can be heard all around the world, and all over this country from NYC to San Diego, from Colorado to Texas. And basically you can find her sitting in with musicians all over the Planet...and you can always hear her laughing!

She is also featured as a Speaker and Teacher for Special Appearances at Raw Retreats, Festivals,  Seminars and even at remote Eden Hot Springs -  anywhere people will listen.

She receives some remarkably sweet bookings in her sports-oriented state: the National Anthem for Major League sporting teams (a great example: Colorado Rockies, to an audience of 52,001 people), World Cup Nordic Combined Events, Freestyle, and Snowboard competitions, and for many Special Events.

Another ROCKING side project, WISH YOU WERE PINK, is an up-and-coming Pink Floyd Tribute band out of northwest  Colorado, with amazing reviews and fans galore! Find them on facebook!

Her previous most treasured project was Little Laura & the Nude Blues Band - the initial collaboration with partner and musician extraordinaire, Dave Allen. Their live shows were a wild and very raw , expression of the new blossoming blues coming from them.

        Listen to some tunes at

and check out the photos and appearances. The band was a freight-train of raucous blues-making and SO much fun to see live.


Every now and then Laura can be seen reprising her days as "Little Laura and the BrewGlass Boys" at a reunion show. She can be seen with Organstein at Three Peaks Grill some Friday nights, Steamboat Jazz Trio (or Quartet as the case may be), Summerfield Jazz Quartet, as well as her current stint with a classic rock/CSNY tribute band called "The Easy Peaces." Tunes and updates are posted at

She records frequently with amazing singer/songwriter John Hegner (from NYC & now Chicago), and can be heard all over his album 254 -  available now. You can listen to him at: johnhegnermusic - check out Laura on "The Other Side."

Her favorite by-product of running a successful company is the great staff she has, who provide her the opportunity to follow some of her biggest dreams - musical and otherwise!  Whether it is taking 6 months off to reprise her award-winning role in "Beehive - the 60's Musical" for a long-run in San Diego, recording music all over the country, traveling, teaching at retreats, producing new concepts in body health, or collaborating with her talented friends -  Laura is BLESSED to be able to create and experience some of her ultimate joys on Earth.

Listen for more Little Moon Music as it is created...